Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas Time!

Sorry I've not done a post recently, it has been nearly a month! As most of you know my mother suffered a heart attack which struck terror into everyone involved so I've been spending my time looking after her! A post on life after a heart attack will be coming soon, hopefully it helps!
On a brighter note, did everyone have a good Christmas? Mine was brilliant and in this post I'll be updating you on all the lovely gifts I received!
I'll be smelling nice all year with the amount of perfumes and smellies I got, I wonder if people are trying to tell me something? I got a Soap and Glory set, two bottles of Loverdose by Diesel, Black XS by Paco Rabanne and an Alien perfume set by the wonderful Thierry Mugler.
I'm going to get absolutely HUGE from eating all the chocolate I was kindly given! A White Chocolate box and a Mint Chocolate tray from Thorntons, Quality Street MatchMakers and a Cadbury Selection Box where included in my presents!
After watching The Real Housewives of Orange County, I fell in love with Gretchen Rossi's hair and after watching a tutorial online, I found she achieved her lush locks with heated rollers so I got them! They are the best I've ever used I'd recommend Enrapture rollers to anyone.
Finally, my favourite present was a gorgeous glittery Guess watch in rose gold. It looks amazing strapped to my wrist. I'm so lucky!

Belle Rose x

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Glam Goth


Winter is fast approaching, it's the first of December!
Here are my top three trends for this season of what designers are calling 'Glam Goth'.

· Studs - Studs can be worn in any which way you please, from a biker jacket to glam up a pretty dress to studs on the pockets of your jeans to draw attention to your best assets. I've gone for slipper studs. These shoes were from New Look priced at £17.99 and have been fantastic! I've worn them nearly every day for the past month and the studs have only just started to ping off. However, this isn't necessarily a bad thing as you can buy individual studs from almost every design house and stick them on yourself to make a fab new design!

· Crucifix - The sign of where Jesus Christ himself was killed and just like Jesus, the crucifix design has become part of my religion this season. This Venus knitted crucifix jumper was purchased from TK MAXX two weeks ago and has been a god send, it's so warm! The only downfall is that the studding could have been a different colour to stand out on the oatmeal background colour more.

· Black Leather - The most popular black leather piece I've seen in shops and on the general public are jackets. Don't get me wrong, they are practical and cosy but so last year! This year, I've opted for some leather look leggings from River Island. They can be dressed up or down, give them a go!
Belle Rose x