Monday, 6 January 2014

Chistmas Presents 2013


I thought today was a suitable day to write my first blog post of 2014 as it's the day everything restarts. People are back at work and school and I'm back to update my blog!

I hope you all had a good Christmas, I got some fab presents this year. Here are some of my faves and where you can get them from if any of them take your fancy!

My mum bought me a gorgeous Rotary watch in ceramic black. It was from H.Samuel but god knows how much it cost. I love the masculinity of the black against the girly sparkles.

I got loads of new clothes and shoes this year, from Oasis, Fat Face, New Look, Vans and Jack wills. My favourite pair of shoes I got bought were these white Superga pumps in at around £45. I also got a fun fluffy pair of animal slippers from Boux Avenue which I adore but one of the pom pom ears fell off on Christmas day! Good job my mum is a good enough seamstress to stitch it back on for me.

Like any girl, I am obsessed with Bridget Jones. I got the new book for Christmas and have already finished it! I won't spoil it for you but I can't wait to see the film. Helen Fielding is such a good author.

Finally, I know it's bad but I am forever dropping my Mac and my mum got so worried I was going to break it she bought me this classic Jack Wills cover for it. I love it, trendy and handy!


Sunday, 8 December 2013

These past months


First off, I know I've not written since around October time, I've been so busy with uni studies and have been spending quality time with my friends and family. However, I'm back to update you on some events that have happened since I last blogged.
Did everyone have a good Halloween? I've always gone as something really feminine such as a kitten or a fairy so this year I decided to try something new and went for a spooky skeleton look. I used white face paint, fake blood and some blacker than black eyeshadow to create this look!

For my boyfriend's birthday this year I paid for him to drive an F1 car, it has been his dream since he was a little boy. The treat cost around £90 for 6 laps and a training session. I hope he enjoyed himself.

The nights out at uni have been relentless but so enjoyable. Here are a few pictures!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Recent Purchases


The sales are on! I made the most of my student loan and did what I do best, shopping.

A new Victoria's Secret has opened near me so I popped in to take a look. I came away with this citrus body spray for a purse pleasing £11. The underwear is simply too expensive.

I'm sure many people feel the same on a night out, aren't clutch bags annoying?! They fall, slip and you only have one free hand. This is why when I came across this cool shoulder bag in Primark for a cheap and cheerful £6 I just had to buy it!

The final shop I went into was H&M, one of my favourites. I've recently joined a new gym so thought it was time to buy some gym clothes! I needed a new sports bra and this one is medium support. I've had them from h&m before and they're the best! The support isn't too intense, just the right amount. I saw this matching vest in the sale for just £3!

Belle Rose x

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Glittery French Pedicure


Even though the winter months are drawing closer, I don't believe in having bad toe nails.
Today I've done a lovely French pedicure with glitter and I'm going to walk you through what I did.

You will need: Scissors, sticky tape, glitter nail varnish, white nail varnish and a clear top coat.

After filing nails and applying a base coat, cut the sticky tape into 10 thin strips. Wrap the strips around the toes leaving a small gap at the top.
Paint the toes as you normally would with the white nail varnish, covering the sticky tape. Leave these to dry for 15-20 so they are fully dry. Peel the tape from around the toes leaving a white pedicure line! My tip for this is to tear the tape away quickly as it usually leaves a smoother line.
Apply a glittery top coat. Only one coat of nail varnish is needed for this as the glitter wants to compliment the French pedicure, not over power it.

Belle Rose x

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Lazy Egg Breakfast Recipe


Are you tired of boring breakfasts such as toast and cereal? These food choices are probably the reason why many of us don't eat in a morning anymore which is just plain stupid.
"Eating breakfast helps us to concentrate and gets the day off to a good start." says The British Heart Foundation and we all deep down know it's the truth! Hopefully this tasty but simple recipe will tickle your taste buds and encourage you to eat breakfast more often!

You'll need: A muffin tray, some non-stick spray, parma ham, a cherry tomato, grated cheese, one egg, salt & pepper.

First, spray a muffin tray with non-stick oil and wrap parma ham around the sides and centre of the tray. Top with cheese.

Chop some cherry tomatoes and place on top of the cheese and ham. Then, crack the egg. Place the tray into the oven at 180 degrees for 18 mins.

The final product looks and tastes divine! Sprinkle with salt and pepper if desired.
Belle Rose x

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Sidari Village Holiday Review


I'm back and I'm brown! I'm so happy after my relaxing break in Corfu, Greece with my boyfriend. If any of you are considering going to Corfu, I hope my review helps.

The place was lovely and it was up to 40 degrees in heat, just how I like it.

The beach is clean and sandy and the sea is clear, although very cold. We were very close to the sea as you can see from our view.
The strip at night was also good, very family friendly but had plenty of bars to attend. The people were sweet and the strip was colourfully lit up at night, I loved it!

The only bad thing I can say is that hotel room was very high up in the hills, the walk was excruciating. There was a minibus to take us up every 10 minutes but the old driver was rude and smelly!
However, we did have a nice little kitchen to ourselves which we didn't expect!

Belle Rose x

Thursday, 1 August 2013

This Month


This month I've been to two amazing events. One was for my Mum's birthday and one was for charity, they were both well worth the money.

For my Mum's birthday in mid July, I took her to see Hairspray The Musical in Nottingham. She loves the film and it's safe to say we both had a blast. The cast were brilliant. I wrote a review on the musical earlier this month so check that out if you're off to see it at another venue.

There was a charity fashion show held in my local town in support of a Hospice near me which was amazing. The clothes were lovely and it's safe to say I felt very charitable afterwards!

I'm going on holiday on Monday (full review will be posted when I get back) so I decided to get my nails done. I chose this bright blue colour as I felt it was very summery and so apt for the situation. I also love Aztec so added that detailing in there as well!

I BOUGHT A NEW KETTLE THIS MONTH AND IT IS DIVINE. I was debating for a long while whether to put this in or not as it is pretty trivial. However, I love It and I believe it has truly brought me into the 21st century, even though it does sound like a rocket ship taking off, very chic.

Belle Rose x