Thursday, 1 August 2013

This Month


This month I've been to two amazing events. One was for my Mum's birthday and one was for charity, they were both well worth the money.

For my Mum's birthday in mid July, I took her to see Hairspray The Musical in Nottingham. She loves the film and it's safe to say we both had a blast. The cast were brilliant. I wrote a review on the musical earlier this month so check that out if you're off to see it at another venue.

There was a charity fashion show held in my local town in support of a Hospice near me which was amazing. The clothes were lovely and it's safe to say I felt very charitable afterwards!

I'm going on holiday on Monday (full review will be posted when I get back) so I decided to get my nails done. I chose this bright blue colour as I felt it was very summery and so apt for the situation. I also love Aztec so added that detailing in there as well!

I BOUGHT A NEW KETTLE THIS MONTH AND IT IS DIVINE. I was debating for a long while whether to put this in or not as it is pretty trivial. However, I love It and I believe it has truly brought me into the 21st century, even though it does sound like a rocket ship taking off, very chic.

Belle Rose x

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