Sunday, 8 December 2013

These past months


First off, I know I've not written since around October time, I've been so busy with uni studies and have been spending quality time with my friends and family. However, I'm back to update you on some events that have happened since I last blogged.
Did everyone have a good Halloween? I've always gone as something really feminine such as a kitten or a fairy so this year I decided to try something new and went for a spooky skeleton look. I used white face paint, fake blood and some blacker than black eyeshadow to create this look!

For my boyfriend's birthday this year I paid for him to drive an F1 car, it has been his dream since he was a little boy. The treat cost around £90 for 6 laps and a training session. I hope he enjoyed himself.

The nights out at uni have been relentless but so enjoyable. Here are a few pictures!