Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Glittery French Pedicure


Even though the winter months are drawing closer, I don't believe in having bad toe nails.
Today I've done a lovely French pedicure with glitter and I'm going to walk you through what I did.

You will need: Scissors, sticky tape, glitter nail varnish, white nail varnish and a clear top coat.

After filing nails and applying a base coat, cut the sticky tape into 10 thin strips. Wrap the strips around the toes leaving a small gap at the top.
Paint the toes as you normally would with the white nail varnish, covering the sticky tape. Leave these to dry for 15-20 so they are fully dry. Peel the tape from around the toes leaving a white pedicure line! My tip for this is to tear the tape away quickly as it usually leaves a smoother line.
Apply a glittery top coat. Only one coat of nail varnish is needed for this as the glitter wants to compliment the French pedicure, not over power it.

Belle Rose x