Sunday, 14 July 2013

Hairspray Musical Review


Last night me and my lovely mum took a trip to Nottingham to watch the final night of Hairspray the musical starring famous faces such as Lucy Benjamin and Mark Benton. Unfortunately Marcus Collins was off sick (convenient for the last night if you ask me) but his understudy Fela Lufadeju did a cracking job of taking his place.
There were no cameras allowed during the production so I don't have many photos to show you I'm afraid so you'll have to listen to me ramble for a while!

Mark Benton  and Paul Rider formed a hilarious double act as Tracy's mum and dad, entertaining the audience for what seemed like hours, nipple squeezing was a must see, it had my mum in tears!
As for Lauren Hood playing the role of Tracy's partner in crime Penny Pingleton, she was divine. A great singer, dancer and comic, she absolutely lit up the stage.

Tracy and Link played by Freya Sutton and Luke Striffler did a fabulous job as the leading roles in the show. They had an uncanny resemblance to the real movie pair and I hate  to say it, but was there some actual sexual chemistry there? It wouldn't be hard working with Luke though would it?!
Praise has to be given to Freya, making her professional theatre debut, she was a star and really managed to engage the audience. Well done!

This production is a definite must see, I really can't complain.
The only downsides I would say are the Von Tussle mother and daughter duo. They did their best but they were the weakest singers of the lot, and were far too overenthusiastic but at least they tried!

P.S - If anyone knows the name and number of the drummer in the band under the stage, let me know. Hottie alert!

Belle Rose x
*All views are my own

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