Thursday, 17 May 2012

5 Steps to Sandal Ready Toes.


The summer is nearly upon us and those toes will be out again soon so here are my top five tips on how to prepare your feet for flip-flop heaven!
You'll need: Nail Varnish remover, cotton pads, an emery board, clippers, a metal nail file, nail lotion (I'm using Vaseline as that's my solution to everything at the moment!), toe separators and a nail varnish of your choice. I've gone for Revlon as the colour is intense and lasts for days without chipping, in 210 Jelly.

· Remove any old nail varnish with the remover before starting, that should be a given though!

· Squeeze a blob of nail lotion onto the nail cuticle and gently massage in.

· Push down the dead skin of cuticle with metal nail file and firmly clip away.

· Clip and file all nails to the length desired.

· Put in place toe separators and paint away, brushing in 3 downward stripes starting in the middle as this gives the best results.

Putting body lotion onto your feet at night underneath big fluffy socks leaves silky smooth skin the morning after!

Belle Rose x

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