Saturday, 16 June 2012

Break-up Blues.


While I was on a recent relaxing weekend away, the news went to press about Myleene Klass and Graham Quinn's divorce. Reading Now magazine in my hotel room I could completely understand how Myleene was feeling as I too have suffered a fresh break-up.
Like Myleene, I thought we were happy but we were clearly not meant to be, some things are better left alone as my Grandma always used to say.

The break-up blues occur after every split from a meaningful relationship and there are only a few ways to cure it in my opinion.

First of all, sit on the sofa with a good DVD, comical of course. Bridesmaids, starring the hilarious Kristen Wiig never fails to cheer me up. Also grab yourself a box of Kleenex and a HUGE bar of chocolate, which is scientifically proven to contain an anti-depressant, good news for the chocoholics like me among us!

Finally, don't feel pressured to find a new man straight away. Take your time, there are plenty more fish in the sea...

Belle Rose x

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