Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Beauty Bible.


Did you know that using the wrong type of make-up can increase your age by 10+ years?
Did you know that there is a certain time of day when cellulite looks worse?
Did you know you can eat your way to better hair and skin?
No, I didn't either until I received The Beauty Bible a few years ago. It is a valuable book full of tips and treatments to keep you looking fabulous all year round. It's still available in all good bookstores and is priced at a purse pleasing £9.99. In this post I’ll be sharing my favourite pages with you and will be giving you an insight into the most useful sections of The Beauty Bible.

Until recently, I was a blonde bombshell but being naturally brunette it really damaged my hair. I was forever asking myself a particular question about how to fix my locks. This is the question and the answer!

 Hair on the face, like eyebrows must never be forgotten about either, In the past I have dabbled in waxing and threading to try and avoid the dreaded tweezers but this handy little guide on eyebrow plucking and shaping really helped.

Before I was a regular make-up user, there were many words on the back of bottles and packets that I never used to understand. Now I know that it is beyond important to know what they mean as they can play a crucial part in how your skin looks overall. Here is a list of the four most common beauty terms that are unknown by the British public and their definitions!

Foundation is the base for your face when applying make-up. It can be the difference in having flawless looking skin or not. This book provides some top tips on how to get fantastic foundation.

The Body
The body is probably the most important feature that you have to care for. How your body and skin look set a tone for what everything else should look like. These are the two body issues I found I suffered most with and the answers really helped, take a look!

Belle Rose x


  1. This looks like a great book full of useful information! :-) xx

    The Beauty Of Louise

  2. It's a really good book, I'd highly recommend it to anyone! xx

  3. Great Post, scary about the make ageing you up to 10 years! looks like a great read, i might have to invest!