Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Raspberry Milk.


In the supermarket yesterday whilst doing the weekly shop, I saw something that I remember having as a child and it instantly made me smile.
Strawberry Milk!
Ok so I know this isn't really unheard of but Crusha Mixa in raspberry flavour just had to be tried. You can pour as little or as much in as you like depending on the strength you want your beverage to be. It's such a nice summery flavour too!

All you need is a spoon, Crusha Mixa and a glass of milk!

· Pour milk into a glass.

· Mix in the Crusha Mixa with however much or little you like and then stir.

· Once stirred, it'll look like this. Enjoy!

Such a simple way to brighten up plain old milk whilst getting your much needed calcium intake too.

Belle Rose x


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  3. It's years since I've had raspberry milkshake. :)

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  5. wow belle i really enjoyed this tip

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