Thursday, 2 August 2012

Next Sale.

So during the peak of the sales, my mum and I went shopping to one of the most popular sales nationwide. No, we weren’t those women who turned up outside the doors of Next at 6 in the morning but still, we went. Surprisingly, since I never usually shop at Next, I found all my best bargains there.
Shorts, £6 - My first and most favourite steal I managed to find were these Lipsy sequined shorts, designed by singer Pixie Lott. They fit perfectly and look great with heels and a vest top for a night out. They also look classy with a pair of black tights if you’re not a fan of whipping out your pins.

Leggings, £6 – These leopard print leggings stood out to me as they are bang on trend. I’ve always wanted a pair but didn’t dare go for the bright orange and black pairs so these leggings are good for fashion followers who aren’t so out there. They can be worn with heels or flats and will look amazing with a pair of boots this coming autumn/winter.

Blazer, £16 – The first thing that caught my attention on this blazer was the cute cream bow print. They make a stereotypical ‘boyish’ blazer very feminine. The silk feel also makes it look elegant and expensive.

Belle Rose x


  1. You got great deals and awesome pieces! Lucky! ;)

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  3. Those are some very nice pieces, would be able to style each of them to my wardrobe :))

    Happy Friday


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