Sunday, 20 January 2013

Cheap and Cheerful


After Christmas money is tight and we all know that much loved retail therapy has to be put on hold. However, here are my three top cheap but cheerful buys for the new year!
Facemask - 99p from H&M
This facemask is fun, fruity and simply fabaulous. It really works making the skin smooth and less dry. It's great for the price and really does the job!

W7 nail varnish £2 from Bodycare
This rip off of No.7 looks cheap and nasty. However, the colour is bright and only requires one coat. A top coat is recommended though as it chips off easily.
Hairspray 69p from Tesco
I'd only suggest the use of this supermarket saver for one night, a night out maybe. If used everyday hair becomes luggy and dry which needs a wash to get out. Does the job though, a really strong hold!

Belle Rose x

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