Friday, 8 March 2013

Umberto Giannini Hair Mask Review


Since bleaching my hair from brown to blonde, then returning back to black, it is safe to say my hair is a state. My hairdresser recommended Umberto Giannini hair products so I went out and bought the hair mask for dead hair to start with. I'm going to review this product now for all you out there who may want to try it!

The main pro of the product is the smell. It smells delicious, almost good enough to eat! The mask also claims to only use shea butter and florentine orris milk for all natural goodness and no damage to already battered hair. The price is also affordable at around £6! Although the product did work for me there was a big downside I didn't like.

The disadvantage of this product I found was that the mask is very thick and creamy. This weighed my hair down and left it slightly greasy no matter how thoroughly washed out.

Overall, the product is affordable and is a quick fix but left the result was unattractive.

Belle Rose x

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