Saturday, 28 April 2012

Just A Normal Girl.


Everyone, including myself, knows that the media isn't usually the kindest but all this abuse I've been seeing lately is highly disappointing and frankly quite shocking.

Essex girl Lauren Goodger has taken the flak for this particular issue most recently with harsh paper reports and mean tweets regarding her weight. I really do sympathise!
Other British stars that have been a human punch bag by the press over their weight are singers Adele and Kelly Osbourne. It actually makes me angry!
With the average UK dress size being a 16, the British media should know better and attempt to support their own, whatever happened to loyalty eh?!

I'm a healthy size 12-14 but I often have to prove this to people by showing them the tags on my clothing! Here's proof for you!

The above comment wasn't intended in a selfish or big headed way, I'm just proving that women can be a bigger dress size without it necessarily looking that way.
Did you know that in certain cultures, being a larger size is actually a compliment? You are seen as being wealthy and healthy for being able to afford luxury foods and fine wines!

Leave curvier girls alone, it's no crime and since I'm a dress size or two away from being the average isize n the UK, it looks like me and my beloved chocolate won't be parted as easily as first thought!

Belle Rose x

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