Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Made in Chelsea.

Watching Made in Chelsea in bed last night, coincidentally with my two dogs, I found myself totally baffled. With love triangles, cat fights and 'dogwalks' mixed with high end fashion and not so brotherly love; my head was ready to explode.

Love triangle trios between Jamie, Louise and Spencer, between Francis, Kimberley and Jamie and now the new awkward situation between Gabriella, Cheska and young millionaire Richard make me feel rather uncomfortable. Is it me or is it a bit strange that everyone in this town seems to sleep with each other? Does this happen in every town apart from mine? I can 100 percent assure you that you'd never catch me in a heated clinch with the vicar down the road or my 82 year old neighbour Mr Jones!

Love triangles four and five similarly turned into arguments. Last series saw Millie find out her boyfriend Hugo had kissed her ex best friend Rosie, which now sees the girls understandably have a broken down friendship. However, Hugo's new girlfriend Natalie and ex-girlfriend Millie get on like a house on fire! Anyone else confused?

Next up, Jamie and best friend Spencer are again fighting but this time not over little Louise but over newbie Kimberley. Who can blame them though? With glorious golden hair, legs up to her armpits and wearing a gorgeous pale mullet dress, she is every man’s dream. Where did she wear this desirable dress? Fellow blogger Cheska's charity event!

This week saw Cheska hold an event for Battersea Dog Home, which was weird yet kind of wonderful. I happened to love her feminine, pretty princess dress unlike Spencer and Caggie (who can't talk since in the words of Victoria, dresses like she comes 'straight out of boot camp'!)

To sum up, in 60 minutes last night, I witnessed much confusion, brilliant beauties and surprisingly no dog poo on the expensive flooring at the charity event!

Belle Rose x

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